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Music Monday #3

Music Monday with Panman14

Welcome to Music Mondays! Today, composer Panman14 talks about what went into crafting a brand new music track!


Help! Mandark Industries has taken over the Legacy Studio Hall! They demanded that I remake the Mandark's House track and feature it in Music Monday #3!

The goal here was to add some tension/depth that I felt the orignal was lacking a bit. The use of small electronics were added so I can try to match and add to the orignal style a bit. I really wanted this song to feel like Mandark from the orignal show, but also add a little sense of duty since he's on the fight against Fuse and all.

I don't know about you, but I'm happy Mandark's catching a break being featured in Music Mondays before Dexter has a chance to surpass him, right? Uh oh! My new boss is coming in. Quick! Click on the link and listen to the music so I don't get fired!

You can take a listen to the new song here!


Who's got the power?

Who's got the Power?

Our art director, "Virt" runs through some of the changes we made to the Powerpuff Girls!

Want to check out the revamp the Powerpuff Girls are getting in FusionFall Legacy?

To read the forum post...



Model Showcase #3

Model Showcase

In this installment of Model Showcase, we're showing off some of the minor changes we made to Courage!

We just wrapped up a special Nowhere focused Pic of the Day event, and you may have seen this little fellow in some of the screenshots over the past few weeks.

Courage is a small pink dog who lives in The Middle of Nowhere, one of the 9 or so “map squares” that make up the vast Nowhere desert. (Some of the other areas include Nowhere Special, Nowhere in Particular, Area 51.1, and the Tar Pits).

Not all is well in Nowhere. Not only does the desert seem to be a magnet for UFOs and creepy supernatural occurrences, but the farmhouse Courage lives in is caught in the crossfire of two separate conflicts; the war between the mutant eggplants and the space chickens, which is happening in the catacombs underground, and a very one-sided rivalry (although we suppose “jealousy” might be a better word) the S.S.G.A. has with Providence. It’s up to you and Courage to save his home!

Believe it or not, we’ve gotten a ton of requests to “redesign” Courage. Since we’ve made it our duty here at FusionFall Legacy to try and recapture the vision the original team had for FusionFall, we felt the best approach would be to rework his face and try to make it look more like his 2D character artwork. We also switched some things around to allow him to be more expressive!

We hope you've enjoyed this quick little preview, and we'll see you all next time!

Model Showcase #2

Model Showcase

In this installment of Model Showcase, we're looking at FFL's Gumball model from the Amazing World of Gumball!

Today's installment of Model Showcase brings us Gumball from the Amazing World of Gumball series! Long time fans may be aware of his inclusion, but his ingame model has been under wraps for quite some time.

Gumball was one of the very first characters designed for FusionFall Legacy, and only went through one iteration of concept art before his design was finalized. FusionFall didn't originally feature many animal characters, so getting his look right was a bit of trial and error. Fortunately, the hard work paid off!

Gumball will be one of the many characters stranded in the desolate future. Fusion Gumball may be on the prowl as well, so be sure to be on the lookout! Aside from his role in the Future, Gumball is one of the characters you'll encounter in FusionFall Legacy's expanded storyline after your adventures through the Darklands. We’ll go into more details about his full role in the game at a later date. See you all next time!

Livin' Like Larry

Livin' Like Larry

Take a quick look into Larry 3000's role in FusionFall Legacy! Read the full devblog on the forums for an extended look!

Out of all the new characters introduced in FusionFall Legacy, Larry was one of the first revealed. Larry is capable of speaking every known language and is programmed in both etiquette and culture. Now a member of Time Squad, Larry travels the timestream with his partners Otto Osworth and Buck Tuddrussel, set on correcting errors that occur in history! As the trio were preparing for a mission, something went horribly wrong! The Time Squad and their satellite were hurled through time, and ended up right in the middle of the Fusion Invasion!

After getting swiftly attacked by some of Fuse’s forces, Larry, Buck, and Otto flew out towards Earth in escape pods, which split away from each other mid-flight. Larry crashlanded in the middle of Goat’s Junk Yard, unaware of where he was or where his partners in time ended up. He befriended a local hero named Coop, and the two worked together on finding Larry’s pals, as well as figuring out how to free Megas from it’s Fusion Matter prison.

Want to learn more? Read the full devblog here!