Let it be known to the world that we, the Fusionfall Universe team, do not represent Cartoon Network in any shape or form. We've used this opportunity to revitalize and preserve one of their greatest creations of all-time, and we want to thank the old FusionFall Development Team for giving kids young and older the chance to see all of their favorite characters living in a shared world, and putting them in power to save it.

Please note that we intend to write a full list of the individuals who worked on the original game at some point in the future.

FusionFall Legacy Development Team

Game Design

Project Lead: Devan Baker
Creative Director: "Dogon McBanana"

Art Design

Art Director: Aaron "Virt" Hammerstrom
Texture & Object Art: Jake W. "Tech TheNoob"
Texture & Object Art: Devan Baker

Expansive World Build

Lead World Designer: "Dogon McBanana"
Additional Zone Construction: Devan Baker
Additional Zone Construction: Brendan Przywara "Przzyfied"

3D Asset Creation

3D Character Modeler: Devan Baker
3D Character Modeler: Ethan Whitton "Stopsign43"
3D Asset Modeler: "Zenpock"
3D Character Rig: Matt "MattWaves"

Music and Sound

Music Composition and Arrangement: "panman14"
Music Composition: Jake Magnavox "dex7322"

Game Client Programming

Programming: Jason Woitalla "Funske"
Programming: "Womayhem"

Server Programming

Programming: "Womayhem"

Web Development

Website Design: Jake W."Tech TheNoob"
Website Design And Database: "Womayhem"

Research & Development

Asset Compression & Decompression: "krisfusionfall"
3D Asset Conversion: "Joshsora"

Game Storyline

Story Lead: "Dogon McBanana"
Storyline Composition: Brendan Przywara "Przzyfied"

Community Management

Community Manager: "StevieB219"
Community Manager: Becca Morandi "MoriBee"
Social Media Expert: Brendan Przywara "Przzyfied"

Additional Credits

Community Team

"Sen Wildchester"
Raymond Royer
Ken "Keno"
Jasiah "GKid89"
Louis "Bezco"
Elisabeth "Minnie"
"Paid Actor" Keidrich
Michael "L0rd"
Lane Weed "Sans"
Pat "Electro"

Special Thanks

"Eva Beta"
The FusionFall Team